Chelsio Demonstrates 2.1 Million iSCSI IOPS Solution On Single 10GbE Port

SUNNYVALE, CA – October 18, 2012 – Chelsio Communications, a leading provider of 10Gb Ethernet Unified Wire Adapters, ASICs and Unified Storage software solutions, announced it is demonstrating a 2.1 million IOPs (input/output operations per second) solution this week during Storage Networking World 2012 in Santa Clara, CA.

Built with off-the-shelf hardware and showcasing the Chelsio Unified Wire adapters and Unified Storage Server (USS) software, the demo will show resellers and system integrators how to easily construct a high performance, simple and cost-effective Unified SAN and NAS target solution.  The demo includes five iSCSI initiators (running MS Windows Server 2012) accessing the high performance iSCSI target through a generic 10GbE switch.  The iSCSI target server includes a single Chelsio T4 Unified Wire adapter, four enterprise-class PCIe SSDs from Micron Technology, Inc., and Chelsio’s USS software.   Iometer benchmarking software is used to show the read/write performance of the system.    Chelsio is achieving 2.1 million IOPs to RAMDisk, and 1.7 million IOPs to SSDs.

“Our USS software and offload silicon technology enables an extremely cost-effective, high performance storage target solution,” said Kianoosh Naghshineh, president and CEO of Chelsio.  “Chelsio’s high performance iSCSI silicon enables Ethernet to permanently supplant Fibre Channel and absorb another protocol, using generic TCP/IP and without reinventing a slew of new protocols or requiring an infrastructure forklift upgrade – exactly what the industry needs. We’re continuing to push the price-performance curve and delivering industry-leading solutions for the high performance storage market.”

 Chelsio Unified Storage Server (USS) Software

USS software supports CIFS/SMB, NFS, RDMA, FTP, HTTP, Lustre, iSCSI, FC, Thin Provisioning volumes, Volume cloning, snapshots, instant restore from snapshots, volume encryption, remote replication, compression, shared storage high availability, system monitor and alert, back-ups, and a host of other features.

Some additional features of USS:

  • Ease-of-Use: Use the Web-based GUI or CLI Interface to configure and deploy block and file storage. This also includes the ability to easily configure the supported RAID cards right from within USS.
  • Low TCO: USS provides some of the lowest cost per Gigabyte solutions in the industry.  Users can add storage to the solution with no additional software licenses.
  • Chelsio T4 Technology: USS uses Chelsio’s Unified Wire technology to provide unsurpassed off-load capabilities that provide some of the highest performance in the industry.
  • Mission Critical: Chelsio USS provides for Highly Available configurations as well as replication and snapshots.
  • Scalability: Chelsio USS has been deployed in cloud applications with up to half a petabyte of data per head.

About Chelsio Communications, Inc.

 Chelsio is a leading technology company focused on solving high performance networking and storage challenges for virtualized enterprise data centers, cloud service installations, and cluster computing environments.  Now shipping its fourth generation protocol acceleration technology, Chelsio is delivering hardware and software solutions including Unified Wire Ethernet network adapter cards, unified storage software, high performance storage gateways, unified management software, bypass cards, and other solutions focused on specialized applications.  Visit the company at