Terminator 3 ASIC

The Terminator 3 ASIC

Introduced in 2007, the Terminator 3 ASIC is Chelsio’s third-generation 10Gb Ethernet Unified Wire Engine for iSCSI, RDMA and TCP/IP applications.

The T3 is a scalable, high-performance 10Gb Ethernet unified wire engine, enabling simultaneous support of iSCSI, RDMA and TCP/IP sockets applications. A third-generation design, it builds upon Chelsio’s robust and field-proven Terminator 2 engine which has been widely deployed in server, storage and clustering interconnect applications.


  • High-performance server adapter, TCP/IP offload, iSCSI and RDMA
  • Integrated traffic manager, QoS and virtualization capabilities
  • Integrated PCI-X 2.0 266MHz and PCI-Express x8 host bus interfaces
  • Integrated two 10Gb full-duplex Ethernet and two 100Mb/1Gb Ethernet MACs
  • Support for additional external MACs
  • Extensive system management interfaces including I²C, SMBus and IPMI
  • Line-rate 10Gb full-duplex performance
  • Powerful per-connection, per-server, and per-interface configuration and control
  • Scalable to one million simultaneous connections