Unified Manager

Central Management of Chelsio NIC, TOE, iSCSI & Boot Solutions

Chelsio’s Unified Manager centrally manages all Chelsio network adapter cards on the network across Windows and Linux environments. It includes an intuitive user interface through its graphical user interface (GUI) or through the command line interface (CLI) tool. It manages the networking enterprise by providing a simple and fast way to access each iSCSI initiator, iSCSI target (Linux only), TOE, NIC or OFED on the network.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Manage all Chelsio hardware and related software in one window, from anywhere
  • Reduces management costs
  • Centralizes management of the SAN
  • Centralizes management of Chelsio adapters from anywhere on the network
  • Centralizes management of cluster network
  • Combining with Chelsio’s Unified Storage provides an end-to-end SAN management solution