Unified Storage Server Use Cases

Chelsio Unified Storage Server (USS) use cases span a range of deployment scenarios addressing challenges across the enterprise, from virtualization storage in enterprise data centers to storage for business-critical department applications to business continuity and disaster recovery.  This section presents information pertaining to use cases developed to date.  Please contact Chelsio sales if your use case is not covered in this section.


  • NAS/SAN consolidation — This use case addresses the challenges pertaining to storage OpEx/CapEx, scalability, and availability associated with proliferation of discrete SAN and NAS platforms.

Chelsio USS for SAN_NAS


  • Data center virtualization storage — This use case addresses the distinct performance, scalability and availability needs of both enterprise and cloud-based virtualization environments.

Chelsio USS for Data Center Virtualization Storage


  •  Windows storage — This use case addresses the scalability, performance, and multi-protocol challenges of mixed Windows and non-Windows departments.

Chelsio USS for Windows Storage Management