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SUNNYVALE, CA – Sept 6, 2011 – Chelsio Communications, a leading provider of 10Gb Ethernet Unified Wire adapters and ASICs, today announced the T440-LP-CR, a 4x10GbE Unified Wire adapter that enables 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to meet the high performance demands of data center server and network attached storage systems.  Chelsio has also introduced the T420-BT, a dual-port 10GBase-T Ethernet adapter.

Both new adapters are based on the fourth generation T4 technology, and enable a Unified Wire for LAN, SAN and cluster traffic, providing full offload of TCP, UDP, iSCSI, FCoE and iWARP traffic simultaneously with support for every major virtualization technology in the market.    The cards are optimized for cloud computing, HPC, storage and other data center applications.   Benchmark testing of the T440 showed saturated throughput for the PCI Express 2.0 interface and latencies of sub 3.0 microsecond for WD-UDP and 5.0 microsecond for TCP traffic.

“There is growing demand for 10GbE in datacenter server and storage networking, with port shipments in this segment almost doubling year-over-year,” said Seamus Crehan, president of Crehan Research.  “Furthermore, an ever-increasing number of customers are looking for high performance, flexible solutions that can converge multiple protocols and lower TCO.”

The T440-LP-CR is a 4x10Gb Ethernet, low profile, PCI 2.0 Express bus interface, with 32,000 offloaded connections and one QSFP+ port that uses standard cables or a single octopus cable that has a QSFP+ transceiver on one end and four SFP+ transceivers on the other end.  This enables the Unified Wire adapter to deliver 40Gb bandwidth without the need for a premium 40Gb Ethernet switch port, allowing the lowest cost per gigabit link in the market.

The T440-LP-CR is particularly well-suited to deliver storage applications via the high throughput and the ability to run NFS, Lustre and other file systems over RDMA.   In small storage clusters the T440-LP-CR easily aggregates four servers into a storage target and removes the need for additional equipment altogether, resulting in significantly lower IT costs.

The T420-BT is a dual port 10GBase-T Unified Wire adapter with PCI Express 2.0 host bus interface.  It is capable of providing two 1/10GbE ports by using standard RJ-45 connectors with twisted pair Cat-6a cables.

US List pricing for the T440-LP-CR is $899 and the T420-BT is $999. Both cards are available now from Chelsio and its distributors.

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Chelsio Communications is delivering the high speed interconnect technology for virtualized data centers, cloud service installations, and high performance computing environments with its highly scalable and programmable fourth generation 10Gb Ethernet Unified Wire adapters. Chelsio also offers software and silicon technology that enables the development of high performance vertical solutions.  For more information, visit the company online at