Chelsio Demonstrates Three Gigabyte Per Second Performance With SMB Direct Over Ethernet on Windows Server 2012

Fully Supporting the Microsoft SMB Protocol, Chelsio T4 Adapters Using iWARP RDMA Ideal Solution For High Performance Storage Applications

SUNNYVALE, CA – June 11, 2012 – Chelsio Communications, a leading provider of 10Gb Ethernet Unified Wire adapters, ASICs and unified storage solutions, today announced a demonstration of three Gigabytes/second performance for its T4 Unified Wire adapters with Microsoft SMB Direct over Ethernet on Windows Server 2012.

The demonstration of Chelsio T4 adapters running iWARP RDMA offload on Windows Server 2012 machines will take place this week at Microsoft TechEd North America (Orlando, FL,  June 11-14) and Microsoft TechEd Europe (Amsterdam, June 25-28).  The demo will show 3Gbyte/sec bandwidth is available on a single card, making it an ideal solution for high performance storage applications in data centers and cloud installations.

“We’re excited to see companies such as Chelsio, with its Unified Wire T4 Adapters, build on Windows Server 2012 capabilities and demonstrate their products at the Microsoft Partner Pavilion at Microsoft TechEd in Orlando, Florida this week,” said Ian Carlson, director of Windows Server and Management product management at Microsoft.

The demonstration will show two Microsoft Windows Server 2012 machines with Chelsio T440-LP-CR adapters connected by a single QSFP cable.  The client and server ports are configured to show that the iWARP protocol can be routed to different networks.   A technical brief that describes the demonstration is available for download from the Chelsio website.

RDMA over Ethernet (iWARP) is an industry-standard low latency protocol developed by the IETF and supported by the industry’s leading 10Gb Ethernet adapters.  Since it is built on top of TCP/IP, it is routable and scalable from just a few to thousands of co-located or geographically dispersed endpoints and is resilient to any data center topology or speed.  It further can work independent of the DCBX protocol, thereby decoupling the server and switch refresh cycles.

Ideal for all data, storage and high performance clustering applications, Chelsio Unified Wire adapters enable a unified fabric over a single wire by simultaneously running all unmodified IP sockets, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand applications over Ethernet at line rate.  Designed for deployment in virtualized data centers, cloud service installations and high performance computing environments, these Chelsio adapters bring a new level of performance metrics and functional capabilities to the networking space.

About Chelsio Communications, Inc.

Chelsio is a leading technology company focused on solving high performance networking and storage challenges for virtualized enterprise data centers, cloud service installations, and cluster computing environments. Now shipping its sixth generation protocol acceleration technology, Chelsio is delivering hardware and software solutions including Ethernet Unified Wire network adapters and ASICs.  Visit the company at