General Information

  1. What is the product naming scheme for Chelsio adapters?
    Each section of a Chelsio adapter part number has significance.

    T: Denotes the Terminator series of adapters.
    6/5: ASIC family version the adapter belongs to.
    1/2/4: For T6, the number of ports on the adapter.
    100/25: For T6, the number specifies the maximum speed of the port in Gbps. For T5, the number specifies aggregate bandwidth of all the ports in Gbps.
    LP/LL/SO: Adapter type. LP: Low Profile; LL: Low Latency; SO: Server Offload.
    OCP/CR: Specifies SFP/QSFP module cages with special configuration. CR signifies direct attach cable capability; OCP signifies Open Compute Platform form factor.

    For example, T62100-LP-CR is a dual-port 100Gbps Unified Wire adapter belonging to the 6th generation Terminator series. The adapter is low profile with QSFP module cage and direct cable attach capabilities. Similarly a T520-LL-CR is a dual-port 10Gbps Unified Wire adapter belonging to the 5th generation Terminator series. The adapter is low latency with SFP module cage and direct attach cable capabilities.

  2. What PCIe Express version is supported?
    The T5 and T6 adapter families all support PCIe Gen3. In the case of T5, all adapters use 8 lanes. In the case of T6, the number of lanes is adapter-specific. For example, a T6225-CR adapter uses 8 lanes while a T62100-CR uses 16 lanes.
  3. What is vendor ID for a Chelsio product?
    Vendor ID is 1425.
  4. Where can I find the serial number of your card?
    The serial number is stuck on the card. It starts with 2 letters followed by 8 digits. For example: PT12345678.
  5. Are your products RoHS compliant?
    Yes. Chelsio’s entire family of products are in conformance to the “Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment” (RoHS 6/6, 2002/95/EC) directive.
  6. What are the different Operating Systems that you support?
    Supported Operating Systems are Linux, Windows, ESX, MAC OS, FreeBSD and Solaris.
  7. I have a problem with a Chelsio product and need assistance. What should I do?
    In order to resolve the issue as soon as possible, please send an email to with the following information:

    • Contact details
    • Product serial number and model.
    • Issue experiencing with the product?
    • Operating system details including version /distribution.
    • Driver details including version.
    • Speed, type and brand of optical module/cable plugged in.
    • Switch details.
    • Details of the application, including command line, when the issue occurred.
    • What kind of offload you are using?
    • When and where did you purchase the product?