Traffic Management

Traffic Management feature of the Chelsio’s Terminator Series (T4 and T5) adapters can shape transmit data traffic through the use of sophisticated queuing and scheduling algorithms built-in to the ASIC hardware which provides fine-grained software control over latency and bandwidth parameters. These features can be used in a variety of data center application environments to solve traffic management problems.

The offload transmit traffic shaping is based on some specific data attributes, like input and output port, destination IP address, etc. The user can determine the action to be taken by the NIC, which includes dropping the packet, routing the packet to a particular port to be sent back out, or passing the packet onto the host. All of the above actions are done at line rate 10Gbps with Terminator 4 and now 40Gbps with Terminator 5 series of adapters. In addition, these adapters have the ability to classify certain data streams so they can be paced or controlled of the egress rate from the card.

Quality of Service and Traffic Management

Chelsio’s Converged Network Adapters (CNAs) have sophisticated features for both Traffic Management and Quality of Service (QoS). These features can be used to achieve required levels of performance by controlling how certain application I/O is handled within the adapter, allowing you to effectively control end‐to‐end QoS for various host applications using a shared 10GbE network resource. Any latency sensitive application can be assigned a high priority which allows it to bypass application traffic that is not latency sensitive. Two examples of high priority data include inter‐node communication by distributed lock managers in clustered database systems and streaming data traffic from stock market feed servers to high frequency trading systems.
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