Wire Direct

Chelsio WireDirect

Wire Direct Product Brief

Ultra Low Latency WireDirect™ for Queue Pair, UDP With Multicast and Packet Tracing Applications

WireDirect™ technology consists of three main software modules that enable direct wire access from user space to the Chelsio Terminator Series (T4 and T5) network adapters with complete bypass of the kernel. They are: WD-QP (Queue Pair), WireDirect UDP (WD-UDP) with Multicast, and WireDirect Trace (WD-TRACE). The technology results in a 40Gb Ethernet (40GbE) solution with an ultra-low deterministic latency of 1.6 µs with T5 and 10Gb Ethernet (10GbE) solution with a low 3 µs deterministic latency with T4, which are perfectly suited for High Frequency Trading (HFT) and other delay-sensitive applications.
Chelsio Terminator Wire Direct Architecture

Chelsio Wire Direct Performance Comparisions
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