High Performance Computing

“The Chelsio Terminator 4 (T4) Unified Wire 10Gb Ethernet adapter is yet another leap forward in Chelsio’s cutting edge adapter technology. Moreover, by harnessing the highly pipelined T4 Terminator processor, they deliver the broadest set of super accelerated protocols anywhere, and deliver that functionality with a single chip and single fully-feature-enabled firmware. Built for any protocol – from iSCSI to FCoE – and equipped with the richest virtualization features available, the Chelsio cards may well prove key to delivering optimized networks in the complex, clustered, highly consolidated infrastructures that make up next generation IT and the cloud.”
– Jeff Boles, senior analyst, The Taneja Group.

Chelsio’s 10Gb Ethernet Solutions For High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing cluster architectures are moving away from proprietary and expensive networking technologies towards Ethernet as the performance/latency of TCP/IP continues to drive forward. iWARP, also called Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over Ethernet or RDMA over CEE (Converged Enhanced Ethernet), is a robust, proven low latency solution for HPC applications, and it is backed by many of the 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapter companies.

InfiniBand has been the dominant interconnect technology for HPC applications leveraging Message Passing Interface (MPI) and RDMA. Today however, thanks to the rapid adoption of x86 servers in supercomputing and other high performance parallel computing environments, Ethernet – ubiquitous and widely available – has supplanted InfiniBand as the preferred networking protocol in these environments. A full 48% of the top 500 supercomputers now use Ethernet as their standard networking technology (source: top500.org), while the high performance, latency sensitive applications required for HPC, financial trading and modeling environments leverage IP/Ethernet networks to run the same MPI/RDMA applications using iWARP.

iWARP is a low latency solution for supporting high-performance computing over TCP/IP. Developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and supported by the industry’s leading 10GbE adapters, the technology works with existing Ethernet switches and routers to deliver low latency fabric technologies for high performance data centers.

Chelsio’s new fourth generation network cards, called Terminator 4 (T4) Unified Wire Adapters, enable a unified fabric over a single wire by simultaneously running all unmodified IP sockets, Fibre Channel (FC) and InfiniBand applications over Ethernet at line rate. Designed specifically for virtualized data centers, cloud service installations and HPC environments, the adapters bring a new level of performance metrics and functional capabilities to the networking space.

For HPC cluster applications, the adapters reduce RDMA verbs latency from about 7 µs in the Terminator 3 (T3) to about 3 µs, providing similar application performance as InfiniBand at a much lower cost.

There are a wide range of high performance computing applications, including:

  • Geological analysis for oil and gas exploration.
  • Bioscience and genome mapping.
  • Nanotechnology research and development.
  • Financial analysis.
  • Fluid dynamics.
  • DoD testing and simulation.
  • Weather forecasting.
  • Data mining/predictive optimization.

iWARP frees up memory bandwidth and valuable CPU cycles to allow focused processing of HPC applications, by taking advantage of an embedded TCP offload engine (TOE) and RDMA capabilities for direct application access and kernel bypass. With a number of fabrics converging towards Ethernet as a unified wire, the technology stands out in providing the lowest cost clustering solution by allowing users to leverage their installed Ethernet networks in the datacenter.The Securities Technology Analysis Center measured the performance of Chelsio 10GbE adapter using the Reuters Market Data System (RMDS6) benchmark suite, and the results highlighted that Chelsio provided the lowest mean latency and the lowest standard deviation of latency ever reported using 10Gb Ethernet, 1Gb Ethernet, or InfiniBand. The complete benchmarks are available in the Related Links section

Chelsio delivers the optimal 10Gb Ethernet interconnect solution for all High Performance Computing environments. As this diagram shows, Chelsio Unified Wire adapters can run iWARP RDMA, TCP, iSCSI and FCoE simultaneously with full offload and deliver full wire speed throughput and extremely low latency between the computing nodes, the storage resources, and the user and cluster management nodes in any HPC environment.