Unified Storage Server (USS)

Unified Storage Server

Chelsio’s Unified Storage Server is a powerful turnkey solution for creating high-performance storage systems. It is an integrated solution that is best-of-breed in the market, and provides an easy integration path for VARs and OEMs, and offers state-of-the-art performance and ease-of-use for end users. Chelsio’s Unified Storage Server includes a wide array of features that simplify file serving and the back up and replication of valuable data that makes it the choice for dependable, reliable, and scalable storage.

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Why USS?


Leveraging the amazing I/O performance of Chelsio 10GbE Unified Wire technology, Chelsio’s Unified Storage Server (USS) software solution delivers more than 900K IOPs using certified commodity hardware for unparalleled application performance for server and desktop virtualization, databases and OLTP, and I/O-intensive HPC and Rich Media.


  • SAN Storage Arrays
  • NAS Targets
  • NAS/SAN Integration
  • Remote Mirroring
  • Virtualization Applications
  • Data Warehousing
  • Video Storage
  • High performance computing
  • Databases
  • Archiving

Ease of Use

Dramatically streamline and automate your storage snapshot/cloning and replication for high availability and disaster recovery. Complete storage software stack, proven over years in high-performance computing environments, deploys in minutes while capacity and performance can scale linearly and non-disruptively.

Return on Investment

Slash your storage budget while leveraging certified industry-standard hardware for your enterprise storage needs. With optimized support for enterprise flash solutions, integrated storage management and superior cost effectiveness, Chelsio USS delivers the industry’s most efficient enterprise storage.

Key Features and Benefits

Deploy storage systems in minutes! The first-time setup wizard makes it simple to connect to the network, define local workgroups, add users, create shares, and select file sharing protocols.

Plug-and-play – Integrates easily into VAR/OEM’s hardware platform, ensuring smooth storage system integration. Comes as a bootable flash memory or loadable software. Fully compatible with most AMD64/EM64T multi-processor systems
Ease-of-use – in deploying and reconfiguring of the storage array – Unified Storage Server has an intuitive web-based management interface, which is accessible in any compatible web browser, over an encrypted secure connection, providing ease-of-use and requiring minimum training.
Lower ownership cost – Consolidating multiple file servers and iSCSI SAN onto a single device reduces server management overhead and associated IT staff costs. Network storage can be remotely managed using a Web-based user interface, simplifying maintenance and providing centralized control of processes like backups, restores, and upgrades.
Feature rich – All storage needs over 1/10Gbps and supports NFS, CIFS, NAS, iSCSI Offload, TCP Offload, FTP, NFS-iWARP, Lustre-iWARP, Remote Mirroring, iSNS, Backup, Easy Management features.
New features – USS 2.2 now supports iSCSI Scaling, High Availability features with Live Migration and Nested RAID, Lustre over RDMA and extensive self-test, stress test and remote test capabilities.

Flexible branding capability feature for OEMs.


NAS Features

  • CIFS
  • NFS
  • FTP

iSCSI Features

  • MPIO
  • ACLs
  • iSNS
  • CHAP authentication
  • High-performance target stack with 1.1M IOPs and 3GB/s throughput on a single Chelsio card (more with more cards)
  • T4 ASIC-based 10GbE HBAs
  • Greater than 2TB LUN support
  • Support for Microsoft Cluster Nodes with iSCSI shared storage
  • iSCSI boot initiator DHCP management
  • iSCSI boot LUN cloning
  • iSCSI Scaling up toPetabytes

Fibre Channel Features

  • Support for both target and initiator modes
    • Emulex Controller – Target and Initiator modes supported
    • Qlogic Controller – Initiator mode only

Storage Management

  • Performance monitoring
  • Asynchronous replication
  • Snapshots of iSCSI LUNs/Shared filesystems
  • Backup and restore to disk and tape drives
  • Thin provisioning and Volume cloning
  • Software RAID and Hardware RAID
  • Hardware management
    • RAID controller management support
    • Fibre Channel initiator HBA management support
    • SSD storage support

Redundancy/HA Features

  • Clustering
  • Remote Mirroring
  • Nested RAID
  • Live Migration

Additional Features

  • Chelsio TCP/IP offload + iSCSI offload
  • NFSoRDMA for low latency NAS
  • Lustre for HPC storage

System Requirements

  • AMD64/EM64T 64-bit processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Chelsio Adapter

Request a Trial

Chelsio is offering a “USS Trial Bundle” of one Chelsio USS license and one Chelsio 10GbE Unified Wire adapter available for organizations considering putting Chelsio USS into production and would like to undertake an initial trial.

Free USS 30 Day Trial

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