Intel MPI Library v3.1 now supported by Chelsio’s adapters


Intel MPI Library Users Can Seamlessly Leverage Leading 10Gb Ethernet iWARP Adapters

SUNNYVALE, CA – June 24, 2008  - Chelsio Communications, Inc., a leading provider of 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) adapters and ASIC solutions, today announced that its complete family of 10GbE Unified Wire iWarp adapters supports IntelВ® MPI v3.1.

Chelsio’s  iWARP solution supports uDAPL (User Direct Access Programming Library), and is OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED) compliant. Support for the OFED software stack is already integrated into major versions of Linux distributions from RedHat and Novell, making the Chelsio iWarp approach a seamless solution for Linux users. Now, with Intel MPI Library support for Chelsio 10GbE iWarp adapters, Intel MPI Library users can further boost the performance of their applications using Ethernet-based adapters that deliver the industry’s lowest latency and 10 times the message rate over existing standards-based cluster networking products.

IntelВ® MPI Library 3.1 is a product designed to accelerate the migration of Message Passing Interface (MPI) applications to Intel architectures and to accelerate innovation in the network interconnect market. Intel’s MPI Library utilizes industry standard network plug-ins based on uDAPL, to support a broad range of existing and future network technologies.  Software vendors can reduce development and validation costs by creating a single executable that can run reliably and efficiently on any supported network. End users will benefit from a larger selection of high-performance applications, regardless of the interconnect network they choose.

Full support of Intel MPI Library allows us to offer end users the highest performing standards-based interconnect for the Intel-centric HPC community, said Kianoosh Naghshineh, president and CEO of Chelsio Communications. Users will have the assurance of Chelsio iWARP adapters providing out-of-the-box support for their MPI applications.

Clustered applications achieve solid price/performance by harnessing multiple multi-core processing server nodes via the Message Passing Interface (MPI). High-performance MPI software and networking hardware work together to deliver this potential, said Bill Magro, director of High Performance Computing Solutions, Software and Solutions Group, Intel Corporation. By using IntelВ® MPI Library and Chelsio 10GbE iWARP adapters, commercial software vendors can reach customers seeking high-performance Ethernet-based solutions while using their existing and already deployed Intel MPI Library-based application binaries.

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