Linux Unified Wire Package

Chelsio provides a host of drivers and softwares that support its rich features ensuring highest performance. Keep updated with the software to avail all the benifits and performances boost on our hardware.
Chelsio provides a unified package containing all the required features and drivers in one package.


Chelsio Unified Wire software for Linux is an easy to use utility developed to provide installation of 64-bit Linux based drivers and tools for Chelsio’s T4 and T5 Unified Wire Adapters. The Chelsio Unified Wire Package provides an interactive installer to install various drivers and utilities. It consists of the following components:

  1. Network (NIC/TOE)
  2. Virtual Function Network (vNIC)
  3. iWARP (RDMA)
  4. WD-UDP
  5. WD-TOE
  6. iSCSI PDU Offload Target
  7. iSCSI PDU Offload Initiator
  8. FCoE Full Offload Initiator
  9. Offload Bonding driver
  10. UDP Segmentation Offload and Pacing
  11. Offload IPv6 driver
  12. Bypass driver
  13. Classification and Filtering feature
  14. Traffic Management feature (TM)
  15. Unified Wire Manager (UM)
  16. Unified Boot Software
  17. Utility Tools (cop,cxgbtool,t4_perftune,benchmark tools,sniffer & tracer)
  18. libs (iWARP and WD-UDP libraries)

Network (NIC/TOE) – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb or T5 40/10Gb adapter
Virtual Function Network (vNIC) – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb and an SR-IOV enabled system with supported platforms mentioned in section 2.
iWARP (RDMA) – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb or T5 40/10Gb adapter, If you are planning to upgrade the OFED package on one member of the cluster, the upgrade needs to be installed on all the members.
WD-UDP – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb or T5 40/10Gb adapter
WD-TOE – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb or T5 40/10Gb adapter
iSCSI PDU Offload Target – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb or T5 40/10Gb adapter, chiscsi_base.ko is iSCSI non-offload target mode driver and chiscsi_t4.ko is iSCSI PDU offload target mode driver. cxgb4, toecore, t4_tom and chiscsi_base modules are required by chiscsi_t4.ko module to work in offload mode.Whereas in iscsi non-offload target(NIC) mode, only cxgb4 is needed by chiscsi_base.ko module.
iSCSI PDU Offload Initiator – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb or T5 40/10Gb adapter, cxgb4i runs on top of cxgb4 and open-iscsi-2.0.872 only on a T4/T5 card.
FCoE full offload Initiator – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb
Offload Bonding driver – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb
UDP Segmentation Offload and Pacing driver – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb
Offload IPv6 driver- Chelsio T4 10/1Gb
Bypass driver – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb
Classification and Filtering – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb
Traffic Management – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb
Unified Wire Manager – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb or T5 40/10Gb adapter
Unified Boot Software – Chelsio T4 10/1Gb, DOS bootable USB flash drive or Floppy Disk.