iSCSI Target Software

Industry-leading iSCSI Solution for Storage OEMs



  • Throughput: Over 2100 MBps
  • IOPs: Almost 940,000


Graphical User Interface

iSCSI Target is provided with an easyto-use, web-based Configuration Utility which allows administrators to:

  • Create and configure iSCSI targets
  • Start, stop, and reload targets
  • Monitor and change target’s iSCSI and SCSI settings
  • Configure and create Access Control Lists
  • Configure Chap username and passwords
  • One-stop monitoring and control over storage devices


Target Protocol Software delivers high-performance iSCSI target-mode functionality. The software applies Chelsio’s iSCSI acceleration technology to CPU-intensive iSCSI operations, resulting in exceptional performance at optimum CPU utilization. Chelsio’s iSCSI Target Software is available for use with most regular 1Gb or 10Gb NIC in a Linux environment. Chelsio’s industry-proven and enterprise-ready target stack provides storage
OEMs with breakthrough performance and port density, and greatly reduces design-in cost.

Chelsio iSCSI throughput and IOPs


  • Simple-to-install loadable software
  • Full compliance with RFC 3720
  • Error Recovery Level 0 (ERL 0)
  • CHAP Support, including Mutual Authentication
  • Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS) Client
  • Target Access Control List (ACL)
  • Multiple Connections per Session
  • Multiple Targets
  • Multiple LUNs per Target
  • Multi Path I/O (MPIO)
  • Greater than 2 TByte Disk Support
  • Microsoft Cluster Support (R/R)
  • Dynamic LUN Resizing
  • Multiple Target device types
    • Block
    • Linux Storage Management (LVM, Software RAID, EVMS, etc.)
    • Built-in RAM Disk
  • Supports iSCSI Boot Initiators
  • An intuitive and features-rich management CLI

OS Support

  • Linux 2.6 kernels
  • Support for Red Hat and SuSE


  • RAID cards

Expanded NIC Support

  • Chelsio TCP Offload Engine (TOE) Support
    • T4-based HBAs (T420, T422, T440)
    • T3-based HBAs (S310E, S320E)
  • Chelsio Traditional NIC (non-TOE)
    • T3-based N Series (N310)
  • Non-Chelsio
    • Runs on most regular NICs
    • From wireless through 10GigE links

Chelsio Terminator ASIC Support

  • Offload Speeds at 1Gb and 10Gb
  • Offloads TCP/IP for NAS simultaneously with iSCSI

Value Proposition for Embedded Applications

Chelsio’s iSCSI solutions are designed for data-intensive applications that require high throughput, such as video streaming, image processing, and back-up. Specific applications include SAN edge devices such as storage arrays, storage-aware devices in the SAN cloud such as virtualization engines, and IP-based data centers built with blade servers. Chelsio’s iSCSI hardware/software solution offers several key advantages for storage OEMs, including:

  • Highly optimized iSCSI target stack providing support manual and Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS) discovery, CHAP and Logical Unit Number (LUN) access control security, error recovery level zero (ERL 0), full compliance with RFC 3720, and interoperability with leading initiators.
  • ASIC-based iSCSI acceleration, which reduces the burden of storage protocol processing from the storage host system. This includes header and data digest processing as well as direct data placement. This feature drastically improves overall storage I/O performance.
  • The same software can be used on most regular NICs, including Chelsio’s N310 server adapters, to operate in a nonoffloaded environment.
  • Full TCP/IP offload including exception handling, which keeps the host system free from processing out-of-order and fragmented frames and improves the consistency of system performance.
  • Consistent software architecture among Chelsio GbE and 10GbE adapters, and Terminator ASICs, which simplifies integration of GbE and 10 GbE I/O technologies and assures seamless integration with existing storage applications.
  • A rich roadmap that includes a follow-on release supporting iSCSI ERL 1 & 2.

Demo Version Available

Please contact Chelsio for a demonstration version of the iSCSI Target Software.