Microsoft Solutions

Chelsio offers one of the most comprehensive server adapter solutions that can unleash the full value of Microsoft enterprise and cloud installations.

Windows Server 2012

SMB Direct is an extension of the Microsoft Windows Server Message Block (SMB) file services. The Direct part implies the use of various high speed Remote Data Memory Access (RDMA) methods to transfer large amounts of data with little CPU intervention. Chelsio T5 Series iWARP adapters support SMB Direct over Ethernet for Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012.

iWARP is the open IETF standard for RDMA that enables Ethernet networks to achieve high bandwidth, low latency and high efficiency communications. Built upon the solid and ubiquitous TCP/IP foundation, iWARP RDMA uniquely combines the key requirements of routability, reliability and congestion control which allow it to operate over any standard Ethernet infrastructure, from clusters to wide area networks and clouds.

The Chelsio iWARP Ethernet RDMA solution fully offloads the host CPU, resulting in more efficient virtualized data center installs. Windows Server 2012 SMB Direct 3.0 over iWARP RDMA provides higher performance by giving direct access to the data that resides on a remote file server, while the CPU reduction enables a larger number of VMs per Hyper-V server, unlocking CapEx and OpEx savings in power dissipation, system configuration and deployment scale throughout the life of the installation. Native system software support for iWARP RDMA in Windows Server 2012 R2 simplifies storage and Virtual Machines management for enterprise and cloud IT administrators, with no network reconfiguration required.

Cloud Platform System

The Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS) solution is an integrated software and hardware solution enabling enterprises to operate a scalable cloud built using experiences from Azure. The CPS networking infrastructure includes a storage back-end fabric which utilizes the SMB Direct protocol for high efficiency, high performance storage networking. The SMB Direct protocol enables high throughput, low latency and high efficiency storage, and unprecedented performance in virtual machine mobility.

Chelsio’s T5 adapters selected for Microsoft’s solution are based upon the fifth generation of its high performance Terminator ASIC architecture. They are RDMA-capable Unified Wire adapters that simultaneously offload iSCSI, FCoE, RDMA and sockets applications, along with traffic management and QoS.

Chelsio T5 adapters, used for storage networking within Microsoft’s new Cloud Platform System (CPS), can also be used for front-end network connectivity, with support for Network Virtualization using Generic Routing Encapsulation (NVGRE) offload. Offloading NVGRE encapsulated frames allows all stateless NIC offloads to be preserved, resulting in line-rate performance and low CPU utilization for virtualized networks.

With the combined efficiencies of Chelsio’s iWARP RDMA and NVGRE offload, customers can fully realize the benefits of the new Microsoft CPS platform to consolidate their servers, reduce power consumption, while maintaining the performance levels their applications require. The CapEx and OpEX savings due to improved efficiency enable the deployment of more scalable and more powerful IT infrastructures.

Windows Server 2012 provides breakthrough innovations in storage technology,” said Chris Phillips, Partner Director of Program Management, Windows Server and System Center, Microsoft. “Chelsio’s demonstration of line-rate 40G performance with its Terminator 5 (T5) technology at the SNW Spring 2013 conference provides a strong foundation for Windows storage solutions on an Ethernet platform.”

Vijay Tewari, Principle Group Manager, Microsoft, explained: “When we set out to build a high performance and high efficiency storage network, we thoroughly evaluated the different RDMA alternatives, and determined that Chelsio’s particularly robust and high performance implementation of iWARP RDMA provided the best fit for the Microsoft Cloud Platform System. The plug-and-play nature of iWARP over standard Ethernet enables our customers to fully realize the performance benefits of SMB Direct 3.0.”